DCP Service

Rising Pictures offers full service, cost-effective Digital Cinema Package (“DCP”) conversion for customers interested in screening their films or presentations using world-class digital projectors in theatres worldwide.

If you have content (a feature, short, documentary, advertisement, presentation and anything in-between) and are looking to see it on the big screen then we’re here to help. Eschewing the rigid requirements and steep costs that post-production facilities charge to convert your content to the DCP format, we provide a pain-free service to take your content from your hard drive, disk or master and onto the big screen.

We offer conversion for the following and more:

  •  Feature Films
  •  Short Films
  •  Documentaries
  •  Trailers
  •  Cinema Advertising
  •  Presentations

 We can also offer alternative content solutions if the technical specifications are not met for DCP. We can provide you a with a different method to DCP. We will help you get your on film on the big screen one way or another.

KDM (Key Distribution Management) Encrpytion
We also offer a KDM for your DCP allowing you to lock the content on your hard drive for security and to reduce the risk of piracy.

We offer full support for your required KDM’s and we communicate with the cinemas on your behalf.


We can Master your film from most file types such as MOV, MPEG 2/4, AVI, MKV, BLU RAY.
It’s best if your film is in HD (High Definition): 1920 x 1080 or higher (2K and 4K resolutions).
24fps or 25fps (frames per second)
If your film is in SD (Standard Definition) It may require extra work and a additional fee or find we may find you an alternative.

At the moment Rising pictures offers a 2D service only. 3D Service will be available later in the year. Please enquire for more details at info@ risingpictures.com


HDD (External hard drive)
DVDR (DVD Recordable)
BDR & BDRE (Blu Ray Discs)

Delivery Method is usually provided by way of an external hard drive, but we offer most delivery formats such as Blu Ray Disc or secure download. Note that additional costs may be incurred.

If your film does not fit the criteria we encourage you to contact us so that we can find a solution for you.


  • 2.0 (Stereo)      2 tracks – left and right.
  • 5.1 (Surround) 6 tracks  – left,right,centre, LFE (sub), left surround, right surround.
  • 7.1 (Surround) 8 tracks – front left,front right,centre,LFE (sub), left surround,right surround, left rear surround,right rear surround.
  • File type . WAV 48kHz
  • Bit Rate – 24 Bit
  • Frame Rate 24fps or 25fps (Note your video must match your sound frame rate, 24 & 24 or 25 & 25)

In order for us to provide you with the best sound we usually require the files to be separate mono channels as in the specifications above.

If you do not have your sound in separate channels or at the correct file type & bit rate we can provide you this service at a small additional charge. Conditions Apply.

Note: We cannot sound mix your film, your film should already be completed and mastered.

The final quality outputted on the big screen is determined by the quality of your film and your deliverables.

Rising Pictures does not guarantee that your film will be of a particular quality, but we will go above and beyond to make sure we use the best quality control measures.

In order to provide you with the final DCP we suggest that you provide us with an external hard drive (1TB or larger). If you would rather we provide the external hard drive then we can include it in the quoted price