About Us

Our Company
Rising Pictures is a feature film production and distribution company based in Sydney, Australia.

We provide the following services:

  • Production of Australian-based Feature Films
  • Line Production for Foreign Feature Production in Australia
  • Distribution of Independent Feature Films in Australia

Our Mantra
Harnessing the ambition common to well-known, global feature studios and the passion that drives successful start-ups, Rising Pictures produces and distributes original, high concept cinema for audiences worldwide.

Our Vision
We love going to the movies. We’ve all grown up watching the stars and stories of generations of cinema. Our vision is to bring that same excitement and entertainment to audiences worldwide. We thrive on high-concept, universal cinema – whether it be an action/thriller or a romantic/drama and anything and everything in between.

Our Name
Rising Pictures is about taking the audience on a journey above and beyond expectations. It brings together a team of like-minded creative talents that strive to rise above the norm. We see limited budgets as a challenge, not a restriction. We search for talented people who are passionate, not just experienced. We develop films that aim to touch audiences globally, not just locally. And we believe motion pictures are often about the journey, not the destination. Here at Rising Pictures it’s all about rising above and beyond the limits of conventional cinema.

Our Symbol
The falcon is one of the fastest, highest-flying birds in the animal kingdom. It embodies everything we aim to be through our motion pictures. Far from the largest bird, the falcon embodies the strength and determination and the will to survive some of the most challenging environments in the world. Similarly, our quest is to deliver films – budgets large and small – that feature story, effects, production value and scope, and are universal, to the extent that they can be taken to audiences globally.